Transform the way your teams use data to power their performance

Turn insight into performance improvement with a platform that has all the tools you need, in one place

miPerform brings together intuitive dashboards, personal gamification, performance coaching tools and Quality Assurance to create a complete performance improvement package for your business 

Designed from the ground up to be customised to any organisation, it works the way you work

Watch the video below to see what our platform can do and how we can help your business perform

See how we are helping our customers overcome the challenges associated with effective remote working

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It's easy to get started

Set your business up on our intuitive platform in just a few easy steps, no specialist skills, no coding and we're here to support all the way

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Upload your metric data to our secure cloud platform from any of your business applications, databases or spreadsheets

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Build your dashboards using industry specific templates or go bespoke and design your own

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Upload your organisation structure to create your users, teams and departments

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Select your performance plug-ins to equip your teams with the tools they need to turn insights into action

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Launch your personal performance portals and empower your team to start their continuous improvement journey

Unlock your performance potential

Making data accessible and empowering people with the tools to own their performance outcomes creates a virtuous cycle that can transform business results

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Employee engagement &
goal alignment

By sharing performance data with the performer our platform creates transparency and trust. It helps everyone to understand business objectives and focus on achieving personal and team goals.

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Results optimisation &
operational resilience

By making performance more consistent, processes become more efficient and re-work is reduced. This results in an improved customer experience, and reduced costs for the business.

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Cost reduction &
capacity creation

By automating data sharing through personalised portals, the time and cost of performance reporting and analysis are significantly reduced. This means that more effort and resource can be focussed on improving performance.

Graphic of a network of people remote working

Self management & remote working

By making performers responsible for their data and performance, managers are able to spend more time coaching. By creating a 'self-propelled' workforce and a performance improvement culture, remote teams can excel with the support of our cloud based tools.

Enjoy sustainable performance improvement and the long term benefits

Our Amazing Clients

We have the pleasure of working with some incredibly enthusiastic people, all of whom have helped shape the stunning solutions we have today.

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