miPerform Launches in National Customer Service Week

National Customer Service Week

Empowering your teams to develop their own capabilities and skills

This week is the annual National Customer Service Week, championed by the Institue of Customer Service. Today is Capability and Skills day, and miPerform is delighted to be launching our platform to coincide with this important day.

In my personal experience of Customer Service delivery over the last 20 years, I have seen first hand the value of a skilled and capable team of professionals looking after your customers. For me, the most impressive and successful Advisors and Leaders have been the ones who were most passionate and confident about their own ability to make a difference for every customer they interacted with. Typically they were the ones with the drive to overcome the barriers which we, as businesses put in front of them: poor systems; bad processes; dodgy workarounds; inconsistent data; etc. etc.

The inspiration to build a solution that helped to remove some of those barriers was not hard to find! But where to start? With such inherent complexity in balancing the needs of People, Customer and Profitability in the typical Service Centre it was clear that we needed to focus on simplicity, practicality and cost. So how can we make the biggest difference to the largest number of people and therefore customers?

Removing obstacles

For me the answer wasn’t simple but it was clear.  Support those who support our customers by removing as many of the barriers to high performance as we practically can.

It will never be possible to optimise every process, automate every journey or remove every repeat contact but if we build the most capable and skilled team who can overcome these barriers confidently and consistently then  we can stand out above the competition.

Our cloud based platform is created from the ground up with this principle in mind. We want to transform results by giving individuals easy access to their own performance metrics, giving them performance insights in a highly accessible way and giving them the recognition they deserve for turning those insights into actions which benefit the business and it’s customers.

Driving performance not being driven by admin

miPerform has been designed to provide all of the tools needed for coaching and developing people in one place. Gone is the need for a raft of different applications, spreadsheets and forms, everything you need to measure, develop and motivate your team is in one easy to interpret platform, accessible from anywhere.

Every hour of admin that we can free up for Leaders and Coaches is an hour that they can spend supporting their teams to improve the consistency and quality of their service delivery. Even more powerful is the ability to track and measure the benefits of coaching, training and support within their teams.


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