Supporting Cultural Change to Achieve Operational Excellence

Supporting operations management by developing metrics and reporting tools to drive organisational and cultural transformation

As Britain’s greenest energy supplier, Ecotricity are on a mission to replace fossil fuels with green energy.  miPerform worked with them on a new leadership programme to give more accountability and information to agents and take pressure off managers. They wanted to get to a position of ‘no surprises’ for all performers, and coming out of Covid into an energy crisis, it was important to make any adaptations fast.

The Challenge

  • Data from suppliers centred around the manager, not the performer.
  • Reporting was focused on the wrong metrics to drive the new leadership principles.
  • Limited ability of reporting metrics to allow instant intervention.
  • Agents didn’t have the right data available to them. They still relied on managers to give them insight into their performance.

The Solution

  •  Ecotricity wanted a platform that delivered a balanced scorecard of metrics, enabling a full 360 degree view of performance.
  • Ability to introduce OTE to workforce.
  • Provide the right operational agility to introduce new solutions for customers, including online chat.
  • Build the solution, support and structure around operations.
  • No big IT budget or resource required to implement. 


  • All levels of organisation have benefited from skills development
  • Incentivised and motivated workforce
  • Better customer service delivered more efficiently
  • Moved from the bottom of the Citizens Advice Bureau league tables to the top quartile
  • Simplified processes and saved management time
  • Engagement and ownership is high amongst employees
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"It just works, the partnership has been superb."
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Operations Lead
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