Delivering Unrivalled Customer Experience

Enabling the right culture to deliver an unrivalled customer experience

Northumbrian Water recognised that to deliver their vision of unrivalled customer experience,  they needed to enable a culture of engagement, accountability and support across everyone involved in customer experience, from advisors to field technicians.  

By taking a people-first approach to service, supported by miPerform’s Operational Excellence platform, Northumbrian Water has achieved the number 1 position in the regulated service rankings (CMeX), as well as a more efficient operation.

The Challenge

  • The desire for continuously improving service performance in a more challenging industry environment
  • No simple way to provide advisor-level insight linked to performance with a balanced scorecard
  • Team leaders and managers spending too much time analysing results rather than coaching for performance
  • Quality controls were not linked to continuous improvement processes.

The Solution

  • Northumbrian Water wanted a platform that supported the culture of accountability and ownership at every level
  • miPerform achieved this with their performance scorecards, quality, coaching and action modules
  • This released their team leaders and managers from the burden of administration of performance metrics
  • miPerform delivered balanced scorecard and action modules to allow every member of the customer service operation to own and improve customer experience
  • This was delivered on the miPerform platform – meaning simple implementation, no IT requirement and fast deployment


  • Capacity released for coaching and training 
  • Average handling time reduced by 30 seconds
  • Service levels increased by 20%
  • Engagement and ownership increased amongst employees
  • Quality Assurance, coaching, performance, workflows all in one place
  • The deployment of miPerform supported Northumbrian Water’s position of 1st place in Ofwat’s CMeX League 2022/23
"It drives the right behaviours, it drives the right culture and it ensures that customer focus is always there."
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Customer Experience Manager
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