Owning Your Own Performance

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How peer to peer can enable healthier competition

From employee of the month awards to weekly league tables of top performers, businesses have long sought to harness our competitive instincts to drive improvement.

But while these tactics can serve as a powerful motivation for some, they can be demotivating, or even downright depressing, for others. The longer you’re stuck mid-table, while new recruits race past you, the less likely you are to push yourself. And when you discover that, despite having what felt like your best month ever, you’re still back in the pack, there can seem little incentive to strive.

The fact is that while blunt tools like these serve to report outcomes on a periodic basis, they don’t enable team members to actually manage their own performance. Individuals have no idea how they are faring day-to-day compared to their peers, their targets or even their own previous performance. Nor can they see the impact of trying something new, or slightly different, in how they engage with customers.

Putting performers in the picture

Imagine instead if team members knew exactly how they were performing against their own monthly targets and their colleagues: the top performers and the average. If, like runners or cyclists tracking their routes on Strava, they could see when they had raised their game, and how much more they could do. 

That’s the kind of insight that miPerform can give all your performers, on an ongoing basis – so they can manage their own performance. All without the naming and shaming that comes with more traditional methods. 

Using data differently

Once you have that data, the business can make smarter use of it too.  Managers can provide more focused coaching, and individual employees can seek advice when they see their score dropping. Perhaps you can set different targets and objectives for different team members, which focus on improving performance – and as a result, the whole team’s performance – rather than simply setting blanket outcome targets.

And businesses can get earlier and richer visibility into peaks and dips in overall performance, so you can understand the cause. Has there been a system or process change that is resulting in longer interactions? Has a small tweak in the core script lifted sales? Or are there simply different patterns associated with times of day, week or year – that once you see, you can manage?

Unlock peer to peer data to unlock opportunity

Unlock peer to peer data, and you unlock opportunity – for continuous improvement individually, and for the business. To find out more about how miPerform provides that data, contact us today.

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