Ten Ways miPerform Drives Operational Excellence

Deep down, most of us know that businesses aren’t using the technology they have to its full potential. Despite the sales pitch that showed all the clever possibilities, organisations typically use these complex, multifaceted solutions to do a couple of things better than their old platform did… and forget all about the additional opportunities. 

Here at miPerform, our clients benefit from some really obvious upfront solutions within the platform – the ability to empower and motivate their contact centre agents or field service with day-to-day performance data being just one. However, miPerform is so much more than dashboards and performance metrics  with features that can really support operational efficiency.

For instance, organisations can use the same data and information to help set differentiated objectives and enable targeted coaching. Or how about aggregating that data into regular reports, generated automatically, that significantly reduce the reporting burden on managers? 

These are all additional potential uses of miPerform, once you’ve put in place the foundations. And our new guide – “10 Ways miPerform can drive your organisation’s performance” – tells you more about all of them. 

And if you’re not using miPerform yet… well, consider it 10 reasons why you might want to!  

From reports to dashboards to gamification, miPerform allows you and your teams to turn operational data into performance insight and improvement, in at least 10 different ways. Our team will be delighted to arrange a demo to show you how.  

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